Solo Validations

The VATSIM Africa & Middle East region keeps a roster of air traffic controllers who have been certified for solo validations in their vACCs. These controllers have passed their briefing sessions and are approved to control a higher position than what they have been rated for. This is compliant with the VATSIM Global Rating Policy (GRP) section 4.4.5 and with any additions by the Regional Policies.

VATSIM ID Position Approved By Date Start Date End
Abullah Tarek (1385391) HECA_TWR Ahmed Radwan (1070757) 2017-07-27 2017-08-27
Ibrahim Hassan (1310080) HECC_CTR Ahmed Radwan (1070757) 2017-07-23 2017-08-23
Mohamed Fawzi (1321602) HECA_TWR Ahmed Radwan (1070757) 2017-08-07 2017-09-07
Omar Al-Wardany (1369775) HECA_TWR Ahmed Radwan (1070757) 2017-08-14 2017-09-14
Samuel van Schijndel (1208356) OMDB_APP Harry Sindle (1324025) 2017-08-07 2017-09-07